About Us

BunsBox Mission

BunsBox is a rabbit subscription box service run by Buns Boutique Pet Supplies Co. based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

It's our mission to enrich the life of your bunny with toys and treats that are natural, fun, and safe.

Our Team

Janine is the owner of Buns Boutique Pet Supplies Co. and the creator of BunsBox. Every month, she selects the very best bunny toys and treats, lovingly packs each box, and ships BunsBox to happy bunnies all across Canada. As a longtime bunny mom herself, Janine understands what bunnies need and what they love. She is deeply committed to providing you with high quality, rabbit-approved products and the very best in customer service!

Are you ready to subscribe to BunsBox?

When you join BunsBox, each month you will get a box of 5 to 6 carefully selected premium toys and treats for your bunny. Your rabbit will think you're a hero... and all you have to do is open the box!