How does BunsBox work?

When you join BunsBox, each month you will receive a box of 5 to 6 premium toys and treats for your bunny. All products included in BunsBox feature natural ingredients, and are interesting for your bunny to chew or to play with. We research every product to ensure that it is safe for rabbits to enjoy. At BunsBox we love rabbits and we would never include any products that we wouldn't give to our own bunnies.

BunsBox ships each month on the 20th (or next business day), so sign up before the 20th to receive this month's box.  Missed the cutoff? No worries! If you sign up after the 20th, you'll be put on the shipping list for the following month. After you receive your first box, your subscription will automatically renew on the last day of the month. You can cancel at any time.

When you sign up for BunsBox, you'll be joining a growing community of bunny lovers across Canada dedicated to giving their bunny the very best in toys and treats. Three cheers for Canadian buns, eh!

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A special selection of rabbit-approved toys and treats is coming your way 

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Time to watch as your bunny nibbles and plays with this month's BunsBox goodies! 

BunsBox is great way to add enrichment to your rabbit's life

Regularly giving your pet bunny natural materials to chew on stimulates their mind and helps to keep their teeth worn down. An entertained rabbit is also less likely to engage in destructive behaviours such as digging at your carpet or chewing on your lovely furniture!

BunsBox includes premium rabbit treats made with natural ingredients. In moderation, treats are a nice way to help you bond with your bunny. Sharing a moment each day for a tasty treat is a great routine that your bunny will love and you can feel good about too!

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Bring on the binkies with BunsBox, the monthly subscription box for Canadian bunnies!